Sunday, June 7, 2009

Silent for a Bit

I'm in India for the next few weeks, with some spotty internet connectivity, so the blog's going to be a little quiet. I'm sure I'll have plenty of thoughts on water and sanitation here, enough for a "Tales of Water in India." My hotel has a squat toilet with little to no flushing capability - so believe me, the reflections regarding water in India are flying!


  1. Remember absorbent fibrous materials! No flushing needed! GO COMPOSTING!!!!

  2. I haven't found many (any actually) composting toilets around here. I think installation, first cost and maintenance are issues. PLUS, developing areas often aspire to emulate the best from the developed world, which means lotsa water from the toilet. I did use a few squat toilets in India though. Oh yeah, that's a lot of fun!